Command Line


Flexible cross-platform word processor


$ whereis -b abiword
abiword: /usr/bin/abiword


$ abiword --help
  abiword [OPTION…] [FILE...] - commandline options

Help Options:
  -h, --help                                                Show help options
  --help-all                                                Show all help options
  --help-gtk                                                Show GTK+ Options

Application Options:
  -g, --geometry=GEOMETRY                                   Set initial frame geometry
  -t, --to=FORMAT                                           Target format of the file (abw, zabw, rtf, txt, utf8, html, ...), depends on available filter plugins
  --verbose=LEVEL                                           Set verbosity level (0, 1, 2), with 2 being the most verbose
  -p, --print='Printer name' or '-' for default printer     Print this file to printer
  -E, --plugin                                              Execute plugin NAME instead of the main application
  -m, --merge=FILE                                          Mail-merge
  -i, --imp-props=CSS String                                Importer Arguments
  -e, --exp-props=CSS String                                Exporter Arguments
  --thumb=                                                  Make a thumb nail of the first page
  -S, --sizeXY=VALxVAL                                      Size of PNG thumb nail in pixels
  -o, --to-name                                             Name of output file
  --import-extension                                        Override document type detection by specifying a file extension
  -u, --userprofile                                         Use specified user profile.
  --version                                                 Print AbiWord version
  --display=DISPLAY                                         X display to use