Command Line


Front-end for the groff document formatting system


$ whereis -b groff
groff: /usr/bin/groff /usr/lib/groff /etc/groff /usr/share/groff


$ groff --help
usage: groff [-abceghijklpstvzCEGNRSUVXZ] [-dcs] [-ffam] [-mname] [-nnum]
       [-olist] [-rcn] [-wname] [-Darg] [-Fdir] [-Idir] [-Karg] [-Larg]
       [-Mdir] [-Parg] [-Tdev] [-Wname] [files...]

-h	print this message
-v	print version number
-e	preprocess with eqn
-g	preprocess with grn
-j	preprocess with chem
-k	preprocess with preconv
-p	preprocess with pic
-s	preprocess with soelim
-t	preprocess with tbl
-G	preprocess with grap
-J	preprocess with gideal
-R	preprocess with refer
-a	produce ASCII description of output
-b	print backtraces with errors or warnings
-c	disable color output
-dcs	define a string c as s
-ffam	use fam as the default font family
-i	read standard input after named input files
-l	spool the output
-mname	read macros
-nnum	number first page n
-olist	output only pages in list
-rcn	define a number register c as n
-wname	enable warning name
-z	suppress formatted output
-C	enable compatibility mode
-Darg	use arg as default input encoding.  Implies -k
-E	inhibit all errors
-Fdir	search dir for device directories
-Idir	search dir for soelim, troff, and grops.  Implies -s
-Karg	use arg as input encoding.  Implies -k
-Larg	pass arg to the spooler
-Mdir	search dir for macro files
-N	don't allow newlines within eqn delimiters
-Parg	pass arg to the postprocessor
-S	enable safer mode (the default)
-Tdev	use device dev
-U	enable unsafe mode
-V	print commands on stdout instead of running them
-Wname	inhibit warning name
-X	use X11 previewer rather than usual postprocessor
-Z	don't postprocess